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Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina aims to educate seminarians, provide retirement and healthcare for clergy who have faithfully served their community, subsidize the education of students in the 15 Catholic schools in our diocese, offer youth ministries, and support evangelization and communications efforts. We recognize that all generosity begins with discipleship and living a life of stewardship. Only when we understand that everything we have, including our very lives, are gifts from the Father will we be able to gratefully offer those gifts back to Him.

Your support can be to Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina, your local parish, Catholic schools or Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas. With these gifts, you honor God through service in His name and foster faith for future generations. Thank you and God bless!

Supporters like you directly sustain our shared mission. Together, we:


  • Educate seminarians to become priests for future generations of Catholics
  • Care for our retired clergy
  • Lead ministries to address the needs of those living and working in the rural areas of the diocese
  • Provide high quality Catholic education through our parish schools
  • Minister to families and seek to reduce poverty for the vulnerable, regardless of their religion
  • Provide support and faith development through youth ministries, and more.

“In 2008, I had the privilege of attending a summer youth program sponsored by our diocese called Prayer and Action. As an integral part of this program, we did mission work here in the diocese. We painted houses, did yard work, and helped people meet their basic needs—all in the context of prayer, worship, and reflection on the Word of God. This experience had a profound effect on me. It showed me that my faith is so much more than simply going to church on Sunday. It’s a way of life!”

— Father Brian McCaffrey, Parochial Vicar/Chaplain at St. Mary Queen of the Universe Parish

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Heather Hartman

Heather Hartman

Director of Development

Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina

Corrina Hudsonpillar

Corrina Hudsonpillar

Donor Advisor

Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina